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Our Story

Our Story

Alexandria Apartment Homes Inspired by a Legacy of Adventure

Built in the 1920s, Beacon Field Airport operated for over 30 years, serving as a the regional airport of choice for airmail deliveries and housing the federal Civilian Pilot Training Program. As World War II approached, men and women trained as pilots, taking off from Beacon Field and returning again, glad to be home.

Its this sense of homecomingthe happiness of returning to a place you know and lovethat The Beacon of Groveton inspires in our residents. And we want to inspire it in you too. Because, when the day is winding down and youve given all you can, you deserve a home that knows what home means. Its not just the stylishness of our apartments or the breadth of our amenities or even the attentiveness of our service. Its all of it together.

The land on which we sit was a welcome sight to pilots from all over the world. Now, it can be a welcome sight for you as well.

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